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 Just had this from PFK

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PostSubject: Just had this from PFK   Mon Apr 21, 2008 8:26 pm

PFK wrote:

Dear Reader,
The top story on the website this week is the recent
SVC scare in the UK aquarium trade. You might recall that last month we
covered the discovery of the deadly Spring Viraemia of Carp virus in a
shipment of goldfish imported from Hong Kong. Well, we've recently
received confirmation from the Fish Health Inspectorate that several
dealers who received fish from the same supplier have had movement
restrictions placed on their premises, preventing them from selling or
moving susceptible species including Goldfish and Koi.

The complexities of testing meant that it was nearly two weeks until
the trade discovered that the fish they purchased might have been
carrying the virus. When Inspectors used legal powers to prevent the
movement or sale of fish, some suppliers stopped trading while awaiting
test results to find out whether their fish were infected. Others
culled their stock, sterilised their systems and carried on trading.
You can get the full story on the website.

Matt Clarke
Website Editor, Practical Fishkeeping

Here's the link

MunŠhy ŠaŽŽot

My site
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PostSubject: Re: Just had this from PFK   Mon Apr 21, 2008 10:07 pm

Oh yikes! First the Dwarf Gouramis and now this... affraid ...well, hopefully my goldfish will be ok as I've had them for several months at this stage. Shocked

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Just had this from PFK
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