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PostSubject: Aceii   Wed Apr 23, 2008 8:36 pm

Yellow tail (Msuli)

White tail (Ngara)

Type: Tropical Freshwater
Location: Lake Malawi

Scientific Name: Pseudotropheus Aceii
Maximum Size: 4"
Minimum Tank Volume: 160L
Water pH: 7.8-8.6
Water Temperature: 25-28C

Pseudotropheus Aceii are part of the Mbuna (meaning Rock-dwelling) group of Cichlids.

It has an elongated body and shows very beautiful, blue pastel colours.
There are 2 colour variations of this fish, the second being commonly known as the white-tailed acei or Pseudotropheus acei Ngara, it has a black body with white dorsal fin & tail.

Ease Of Keeping
These fish are hardy. A few rock caves and a sandy substrate, well pre-soaked bogwood can be included, as long as the water is sufficiently buffered. These fish have a tendency to swim in the top half of the aquarium (which is unusual for mbuna).

They are one of the more gentle mbuna.

Males and females have almost identical colouration, adult males will generally have brighter colours.

Breeding Information
Prolific mouthbrooder. Does not need any special layout for breeding, but a 1M to 4F ratio is best.

Dietary Needs
Omnivore - a diet heavy in plant matter. Spirulina is the food of choice for this fish, with other vegetables such as frozen peas and lettuce.This fish is a heavy algae eater in the wild.

Common Diseases
Malawi Bloat - condition deadly to malawi cichlids. It is caused by too much protein in the diet of some cichlids

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