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 Fish For Sale

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PostSubject: Fish For Sale   Tue Jun 17, 2008 6:45 am

Just 2 though.

1 Adult Male Bristlenose (brown) Lovely fish, has bred and produced lovely healthy fry. Reluctant sale as I have 2 brown males and a piebald male and not enough females (or tank space!) to keep them all happy. Make me an offer or would swap for a young albino male. Local pick up only no postage sorry!

The 2nd is a bit unusual (Munchy you may know someone who would be interested?)

He is an adult male Pelvicachromis Taeniatus Lokundje, sadly my mate bought a 'pair' of juveniles who turned into 2 males. Hers died and mine is lonely. I can track down females but as I'm not looking to breed these beautiful cichlids it is not worth my while so instead I want a new home for this fellow before my kribs beat him up. He is beautiful gold and rich purple and is a feisty active fish. Again make me an offer (no postage) or would consider a swap for a plec.

I am in Bury, Lancs (not far from Manchester and Bolton etc.)
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Fish For Sale
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