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 Yellow Labs

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PostSubject: Yellow Labs   Mon Dec 17, 2007 2:57 am

Yellow Lab/Electric Yellow

Type: Tropical Freshwater
Location: Lake Malawi

Scientific Name: Labidochromis Caeruleus
Maximum Size: 5"
Minimum Tank Volume: 240L
Water pH: 7.8-8.6
Water Temperature: 25-28C

Yellow Labs are part of the Mbuna (meaning Rock-dwelling) group of Cichlids.
The vast majority of Mbuna need a diet very heavy in plant matter. They require a tank with a lot of rockwork to enable them to establish territories.

Their bodies are strikingly bright yellow, with males having dark black streaks on their dorsal, pelvic, and ventral fins. While specimens kept by aquarists are generally bright yellow with black markings, specimens from different
areas of Lake Malawi exhibit different colouring.

Ease Of Keeping
These fish are hardy, most problems are from the aquarists not understanding how to properly set up a Rift Lake Cichlid tank.

Aggressive compared to other fish but one of the most passive Mbuna.

Males and females are sexually monomorphic with most males exhibiting black ventral fins and broader black dorsal stripe, though the best way to sex them would require examining their vents.

Breeding Information
Prolific mouthbrooder. Does not need any special layout for breeding, but a 1M to 4F ratio is best.

Dietary Needs
Insectivore/Omnivore - a diet heavy in plant matter but can stand more protein than most
Mbuna. Spirulina flakes make an excellent staple with some veggie treats. Lightly cooked shelled peas seem to be a favourite.

Common Diseases
Malawi Bloat - condition deadly to malawi cichlids. It is caused by too much protein in the diet of some cichlids

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Yellow Labs
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