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 Testing the water - CO2 kit

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PostSubject: Testing the water - CO2 kit   Fri Mar 20, 2009 9:00 am

Im thinking about getting rid iof my D&D CO2 (pressurised) kit - its a regulator, bubble counter, gauge, probably the hose (YOU MAY WANT TO REPLACE IT WITH FRESH) All youd need to complete the set is some sort of distributor - you can/could connect it to the venturi of an internal filter, or use an airstone (the marine ones are best as they dont react to the co2 and produce mych finer bubbles) or get an ehiem 'airstone' which in fact is fully adjustable with a form of felt to produce the bubble (I have 4 of these and they are fantastic) - cost about 3

Also is/are two gas tanks - one full - other 90% full as well as adapter to allow the use of generic co2 tanks (rent from beer makers or buy one or an old fire extinguisher etc)

The whole lot cost me about 100

this is the item (nb found the reciept and it was 107)

Anyway - if your remotely interested, drop me a pm or post here - sensible offers - the postage will be about 10 and I can only post to mainland UK destinations due to pressurised gas canisters

Basically Im giving folk here first refusal - im not desperate to get rid - just seems a waste sat on the floor doing nowt and I dont think i'll ever bother with real plants again.

If there are no takers for a reasonable price - i may either ebay it or dump it at the tip.
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Testing the water - CO2 kit
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