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 am i actualy thinking about this??????

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Not so Newbie
Not so Newbie

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PostSubject: am i actualy thinking about this??????   Sun May 17, 2009 9:36 am

hey guys!!!
its been a while i know.......
but just out of curiosity im wondering if any one else thinks like this.
last few days if been considering changing what cichlids im keeping....
atm most of you know im "BIG" on my americans lol gotta love em.....
but now im thinking about making the move to african.....
now if i do this i guess im in for a world of hurt as my knowalge is limited to what i know about them.
ie: i do know some slight things like what lakes and such but as for water specs and decor?????????????????????????????????

but ti think my main question is "am i going to have to do a major tank overhaul" or can i get away with addining a few diff buffers ect.

atm my water is on the softer side as i do have quite a bit of drift wood in there. will this have an effect on what africans i can keep?

also can i keep my plec if i go this way?

please all suggestions are welcome
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PostSubject: Re: am i actualy thinking about this??????   Sun May 17, 2009 6:51 pm

Ho bg. You might find this article interesting - it gives a bit of info you might need.

TROPICAL TANK-Elite Tank - 207litres
6 Harlequin Rasboras, 5 Emerald Eye Rasboras, 10 Cherry Barbs, 2 Bristlenose Plecs, 2 Panda Corys. 4 Dwarf Chain Loaches.

ViaAqua Tank AR620 97litres
1 red male betta, 1 BN
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am i actualy thinking about this??????
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