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 Total Newbie - Please help

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PostSubject: Total Newbie - Please help   Wed Jul 20, 2011 4:03 am

My girlfriend's kids won three little goldfish from a fun fair, together with a small plastic tank and some gravel. I told my girlfriend that it was a bad idea to let them pick the fish as a prize, but she caved in under pressure! Rolling Eyes

I watched yesterday as these three little fish fish fish fish bobbed around in this tiny little plastic tank and encouraged her to do some proper research about how to look after them! She wasn't very enthusiastic so I decided to look into it myself. To my horror it was worse than I thought as I discovered that realistically these fish would require a 40 gallon tank to house them all properly! I lost a lot of sleep last night worrying about our three little friends, but luckily I managed to secure them a new home via a work colleague who keeps goldfish in her pond. They move later on this evening. cheers

The thing is I am now upset for the children (5, 10 and 11) who over the past couple of days have grown quite fond of the fish. The 5 year old was even singing to them to stop them getting bored Crying or Very sad . They are their first pets.

To soften the blow I am looking to set up a coldwater tank (because it's the easiest to care for?) and I need advice because I'm completely ignorant when it comes to fish. dunno I have looked into setting the tank up and I think I can manage that on my own. I was looking at maybe a 35 litre tank as we don't have too much space to work with (maybe a little bigger at a push). The real thing I need advice with is what fish to pick?? I would like them to be easy(ish) to care for and fairly interesting looking for the girls. I was also wondering how many I could get. I don't want them to outgrow the tank, or for the tank to be overstocked.

Can anyone help?

Thanks in advance thanks
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PostSubject: Re: Total Newbie - Please help   Wed Jul 20, 2011 5:38 am

Hiya, and thanks for the query.

The curse of the fairground fish! I have had similar problems No .

As you say, a small tank for goldfish is a no-no, and will more than likely lead to illness from mucky water and overcrowding.

You mention a 35 litre tank. While that is way too small for goldfish, it would be ideal for a single male betta. They come in all sorts of lovely colours, have beautiful finnage and can be trained to follow your fingers and eat from your hands (well mine does that anyway).

It is a tropical fish, not coldwater like goldies, but to be honest the only difference I have found in looking after coldwater or tropical fish iss that the tropicals need a heater in the tank.

Both types of fish need a filter, will need weekly water changes etc.

If you can get a tank a bit bigger, then there are several tropical fish that you could have in a moderate sized tank. Have a look in the Library section on the forum for some info and ask any questiobs you may have.

Good luck! Very Happy

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Total Newbie - Please help
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